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New coasters and fabric bowls are up!

13712820_1037744309635854_1844489793_nI’ve been working on coasters for days, and I’m taking a little break to add them to the shop, along with some bowls I made this morning.




You can find our new coasters here:

And our new bowls here:

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workshop success!

13741021_1660429570948137_2125063530_nWe attended the workshop today with Carolyn Friedlander, which was hosted by Nido, one of our local quilt shops. Here’s our progress after the workshop on both Outhouse and Ebb. My mom’s work is on the left and mine is on the right. As soon as CF said that we could “change up” the pattern of the applique on Ebb, I immediately put some curves into my design. I’m invisioning more of a whirlpool type design instead of vertical columns.

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Just added – Sewn Fabric Dog Collars!

We are so excited to announce we are adding a new product line… sewn fabric dog collars! We are starting with large size collars, and plan to expand to other sizes in the future.

Adjustable Sewn Collar for Large Dogs is made with four layers of soft pre-washed cotton fabric, interfacing, plastic hardware and a metal D-ring.

Collar is 1″ wide. Size adjusts to fit neck sizes 17.5″ to 26″. Designed for large dogs.

Check out one of our lovely new collars:

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$20 bib deal!

Yay! It’s time for a sale! For a limited time, our bibs are on sale – mix and match ANY two bibs for just $20! Check out our bib selection below…